Affiliate Program

Are you a collaborative group, a business or organization, a consultant, or other professional working in the nonprofit or legal services sectors?  Even if you do not offer your own courses with us, you may be interested in participating in our affiliate program.  If you do offer courses with us, you can earn an additional commission on your own course sales to users who sign up for the Axom site for the first time through your affiliate links.  


Axom affiliates earn commissions by bringing new users to the site through your own email promotions, website, or other marketing.  We'll even help you with marketing materials!  When you join the program, you receive a unique affiliate code which is used in links to our site and/or specific courses.  If a person uses your link to get to the site and then creates an account on the Axom website or purchases a course within 30 days, all of that user’s future purchases will generate a 20% commission to the affiliate.  The user must have cookies enabled on their device and must use the same device to create the account as they used when clicking on the link.  We do not have the ability to manually designate a user as an affiliate sale if they don’t follow this process or have cookies disabled on their browser.  Affiliate sales can be viewed on the Axom website, and commissions are paid by check quarterly.  For more information, check out these examples of how affiliate sales are calculated and a sample affiliate agreement.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, fill out our quick form below.  Affiliates must be an existing business, organization, or professional working in or with the nonprofit or legal services sectors and are subject to the terms and conditions of our affiliate agreement.  We do not accept individuals or businesses whose primary business is internet or social media marketing or affiliate sales.