Information for Course Presenters

Are you an organization, business, subject matter expert, consultant, or other professional interested in partnering with Axom Education to offer a professional development course or courses?  Do you already offer live seminars or webinars that you would be interesting in offering as online courses?  We are currently seeking course content appropriate for nonprofit organizations or for attorneys seeking Pennsylvania continuing education credit.  The frequently asked questions below will help explain the process.  If you are interested in working with us after reading the information below, you can use our Pitch A Course Page to get the process started.  If you currently have a well-developed mailing list or social media following, you may also be interested in our Affiliate Program.

What does a typical course look like?

We typically work with the types of professional development courses where a presenter stands in front of a room (or on a webinar) and gives a presentation using PowerPoint slides or other visual media.  Courses can also be voice over slides, direct to camera presentations, a combination of these methods, or other similar variations.  The information on this page is generally intended for courses that have already been developed and are ready to be presented, already have been presented, or that you will be able to develop to the point where it will be ready for presentation.  If you are interested in developing in-house training content or want to work with us from the concept stage of a course, visit our Custom Course Development page for more information.  You must own the intellectual property to the materials in your course.  If your course includes curriculum or materials developed by someone else, you must be able to obtain permission to use those materials for commercial sale and the arrangement must be approved in advance by our legal department.

How does the process work?

The short version is that you are responsible for developing the course content and providing raw video, audio, and course materials to Axom.  We handle any video editing and build and administer your course.  Once your course is published, you'll receive a report of your sales and a check for your share of your course sales within 30 days of the end of each quarter.

What course materials do I need to provide?

You'll need to be able to provide Axom raw audio and video of your course, any presentation materials, including handouts, slide presentations, etc., a signed release from the presenters and anyone appearing on camera (Axom will provide a release form, see an example release here), and any other relevant files.  You can submit materials by mailing physical files on a disk or USB drive, or we can set up a DropBox folder for you to upload files.  Axom will handle editing the audio, video, and presentation materials together as part of the course development process.

Can Axom provide assistance with audio/video taping?

Though we do not offer audio/video taping services, there are a lot of different options to record audio and video and we can make some recommendations on equipment and formats if you want to handle taping in-house.  It can be as simple as an iPhone and a $40 voice recorder- you don’t have to make a large investment in equipment.  Some organizations have partnered with local videographers to record their live courses for free or at a reduced cost in exchange for promoting their services.  We can even include a link to their website and information about their services on your course pages.  Click here for more detailed audio and video recommendations and some helpful tips.

What kind of contract will I have to sign?

If you want to offer your course content on our site, Axom Education only requires a licensing agreement for your content (see sample revenue partner agreement) and does not require the agreement to be exclusive.  For each course that you license to Axom, you agree to let Axom offer and market that course for a minimum of two years.  After the two years, you can continue to let Axom offer the course or withdraw it at any time.  You are permitted to use the course content for your own live courses (including video replays) or for any other purpose.  If you decide you don’t want to continue using Axom for your courses, you are under no obligation to send us new courses.  You are free to use other providers or stop sending new courses at any time.  If you want to participate in our affiliate program, you’ll sign a separate affiliate agreement (see sample affiliate agreement).

What does it cost to list a course with Axom?  How much will I earn on a sale?

If you are able to provide the course materials to Axom and we have approved your course in advance, there is no upfront cost to you to offer a course on our platform.  Axom receives a percentage of each course sale.  Most of our arrangements with course presenters are based on a 50% base commission of the actual selling price of the course, after adjusting for any coupons, affiliate sales, or promotions.  Click here for examples of how the revenue sharing is calculated for affiliate sales.  The base commission can be adjusted based on a number of different factors.  For example, if your course or courses would require extensive editing or more development work on our part, your base commission percentage may be lower.  On the other hand, if you are able to submit finished, ready-to-use video and/or would be submitting a large number of courses, your base percentage may be higher.  Your base commission percentage will be negotiated prior to Axom accepting your course and beginning production.


What services does Axom provide?

Axom will handle editing the materials you provide, building the online course, accepting online payments, handling customer service/tech support issues, and reporting and making payments to you.  If the course is a PA Legal CLE, Axom maintains approval with the CLE Board as a distance learning provider and will handle payment of all CLE per-credit fees and reporting.  Credit card fees are paid from Axom's share of course revenues.  We also offer support and help in marketing your course.

How do I get started?

Use our Pitch A Course form to submit your idea and contact information.  We will review your submission and typically get back to you within 3-5 business days.