Bar Associations and Legal Service Organizations

Looking for a way to offer a wide variety of online CLE content to your members?  Axom Education offers two different options that will allow you to promote online CLEs to your members while earning revenue for your bar association.  If you want to offer your own CLE courses, Axom offers an easy way to record your existing live CLEs and offer them through our site for online CLE credit.  And whether you choose to offer your own courses with us or not, you can participate in our affiliate program and earn commissions for promoting courses from other PA bar associations and organizations to your members.  There are no upfront costs with either option.

What kind of contract will we have to sign?

If you want to offer your own course content, Axom Education only requires a licensing agreement for your content (see sample agreement) and does not require the agreement to be exclusive.  For each course that you license to Axom, you agree to let Axom offer and market that course for a minimum of two years.  After the two years, you can continue to let Axom offer the course or withdraw it at any time.  You are permitted to use the course content for your own live courses (like video replays) or for any other purpose.  If you decide you don’t want to continue using Axom for your courses, you are under no obligation to send us new courses.  You are free to use other providers or stop sending new courses at any time.  If you want to participate in our affiliate program, you’ll sign a separate affiliate agreement (see sample agreement).


What are the upfront costs?

If you provide the raw materials; video, audio, PowerPoints (where applicable) and course handouts, there is no upfront cost to your association.  Axom will handle editing the materials you provide, building the course, online sales, issuing certificates, and reporting and paying for credits.  You can provide materials to us in just about any format, and we can accept DVDs or flash drives and printed materials sent by mail, or digital files uploaded to our Dropbox or through the Dropbox app.  You then receive a percentage of each sale.  Axom maintains approval as a distance learning provider with the PA CLE Board, so your association does not need to be an approved provider for online CLE (a separate and more expensive approval process than becoming an approved provider for live CLE).

How does the affiliate program work?

A bar association can choose to participate in our affiliate program even if you do not offer your own courses with us.  If you do offer your own courses, participation as an affiliate is optional.  Please note that all courses are available for other affiliates to promote, so a sale of one of your courses may be subject to an affiliate commission even if you elect not to be an affiliate yourself.


Axom affiliates earn commissions by bringing new users to the site through your own email promotions, website, social media or other marketing.  When you join the program, you receive a unique affiliate code which is used in links to our site and/or specific courses.  If a person uses your link to get to the site and then creates an account on the Axom website or purchases a course within 30 days, all of that user’s future purchases will generate a 20% commission to the affiliate.  The user must have cookies enabled on their device and must use the same device to create the account as they used when clicking on the link.  We do not have the ability to manually designate a user as an affiliate sale if they don’t follow this process or have cookies disabled on their browser.  We often find that a new user comes to the site and purchases their first course from their “home” bar association, but then purchases additional courses afterwards from other bars, so this helps everyone drive sales by bringing new users to the site.  Affiliate sales can be viewed on the Axom website, and commissions are paid by check quarterly.


How do I record audio and video for courses?

There are a lot of different options to record audio and video, and we can make some recommendations on equipment and formats if you want to handle taping in-house.  It can be as simple as an iPhone or tablet and a $40 voice recorder- you don’t have to make a large investment in equipment.  Some bar associations have partnered with local providers of videotaped depositions to record their live seminars for free or at a reduced cost in exchange for promoting their services.  We can even include a link to their website and information about their services on your course pages.  Click here for more detailed audio and video recommendations and some helpful tips.

Who decides the pricing for the courses, and how are we paid?

You ultimately control the pricing and can set the price for each of your courses.  Your association receives 40-60% of the actual sale price of your course (see examples below).  Axom will provide a quarterly report showing all of your sales for that quarter along with the course name, purchaser’s name, and selling price for each course.  You will also receive a check with your report each quarter representing your royalties from that quarter’s sales.


For the purposes of these examples, an "affiliate" sale is one where the user first signed up for the Axom site through a link from one of the bar associations that had their affiliate code in the link.  Axom Education itself does not act as an affiliate and does not take the affiliate percentage for new users we generate through our own marketing.


If you sell a $30 course and the sale was not generated by an affiliate:

50% of the sale price goes to you ($15)

50% of the sale price goes to Axom ($15, and the credit card fees and CLE fees are always deducted only from Axom’s share).


If you sell a $30 course and the purchaser originally joined the Axom site from another bar's affiliate link:

40% of the sale price goes to you ($12)

40% of the sale price goes to Axom ($12)

20% goes to the affiliate bar association that generated the sale ($6) 


If you sell a $30 course through your own affiliate link:

60% of the sale price goes to you (40% for the course sale and 20% for the affiliate sale) ($18 total)

40% of the sale price goes to Axom ($12)


If a user signs up for the site through your link and then later buys a $30 course from another bar association, you will earn 20% ($6) from that sale. Once a new user comes in through your link, you are entitled to 20% of their future sales from other bar's courses and the extra percentage for your own sales from them forever, so that's a great reason to help promote each other and bring in new users!

Are there any obligations for the course presenters?

We do require that any course presenters appearing in the video sign a release.  We also have a form letter you can use explaining how the materials will be used.  (See sample Release and Form Letter)  You can choose to divide your royalties between your association and the presenter or presenters if you choose.  The course landing page typically includes a bio of the course presenter and can include links to their firm or organization. 

Do you offer any help with marketing?

Yes!  We have a lot of tools and support to help you market your courses.  You’ll get monthly promotional emails and printable flyers that you can customize and send to your members.  Your bar association will also have dedicated page that shows all the courses you currently have available (see an example).  Your courses will also be listed in the distance learning courses on


Because Axom partners with other bar associations in Pennsylvania, everyone benefits from group marketing.   By promoting each other’s courses, everyone expands the possible audience for their own courses.  We’ll help you by putting together marketing emails that you can easily incorporate into your existing mailing list.  We can also build bundles of courses on a similar topic, allowing an attorney to purchase multiple courses from different bar associations at once at a discounted rate. 


Who is responsible for reporting CLE credits?

Axom handles all reporting through ASAPNexus, and the CLE reporting fees are paid from Axom’s share of each sale.  Axom also maintains approval as a distance learning provider with the PA Continuing Legal Education Board, which is a separate approval process from the approval for live courses.


Can we offer discounted prices for our members?

Axom does offer the option of setting pricing tiers, however, we are not able to independently verify that the person meets a particular qualification such as bar membership or admission date.  So if a customer chooses your “member” rate when purchasing the course, it is on the honor system that they are actually a current member.  We do not have a way to verify membership prior to purchase.

How do I get started?

You can contact Stacey Papa, Founder and Director of Content Development, at or (724) 550-4175 to get started!