My Next Level

Middle School Curriculum

Here you can find all of the materials for the My Next Level middle school curriculum.
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Course Materials and Downloads:
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Cover for Facilitator Manual
Instructor information and introductory materials
Instructor Training Video (13 minutes)  View on YouTube  View and Download
Introductory Video for Students (2 minutes) View on YouTube  View and Download
Sample Caregiver Letter (Microsoft Word)
Sample Caregiver Letter Spanish (Microsoft Word)
Student Materials (complete set: cover sheet and checklist)
Student Cover Sheet (Name and Levels)
Student Checklists
Level One: Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Complete Materials
Critical Thinking Checklist
Creative Solutions
Eye Witness
Think About It
Fact or Opinion
Time Capsule
How Do I Use This?
What's Going On?
Something in Common
Secret Code
25 Words
A New Animal
New Invention
Level Two: Communication
Communication Complete Materials
Communication Checklist
Wear Your Mood
Dress for the Job You Want
Dress for the Job Video (4 minutes) View on YouTube   View and Download
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Avoid a Fight
Five Things About Me
Communication Road Blocks
Drawing Animals
Active Listening
Write a Recipe
Share Your Knowledge
Make an Ad
Level Three: Life Skills
Life Skills Complete Materials
Life Skills Checklist
Credit Cards
Credit Cards Video (8 minutes) View on YouTube  View and Download
Understanding Your Paycheck
Language Stories
Stress Management
Household Skills
Grocery List
Our Schedule
How Much Does This Room Cost?
My Budget
Pizza Shop
Balance My Checkbook
Time Management
Level Four: People and Cultures
People and Cultures Complete Materials
People and Cultures Checklist
Similarities and Differences
Use Your Resources
Common Links
Food Around the World 
Food Around the World Video (5 minutes) View on YouTube  View and Download
Family Foods
Family Traditions
Where People Live
Family History
Travel Poster
Try Something New
Alike and Different
Alien Visit
Level Five: Careers
Careers Complete Materials
Careers Checklist
How Much Should I Make?
Hidden Jobs
Career Day
Unusual Jobs
Unusual Jobs Video  (7 minutes)  View on YouTube  View and Download
First Jobs
Family Careers
Career Path
Who Would You Hire?
Thank You Notes
My Dream Job
Career Aptitude
Career Aptitude Quiz Link (opens in new window)
Level Six: My Profile
My Profile Complete Materials
My Profile Checklist
You've Got Skills
Public Profiles
Public Profiles Video (4 minutes)  View on YouTube  View and Download
Job Interview
Giving Back
Family Crest
Ask the Expert
When I Was Little
Family Bucket List
My Resume
My Profile
Game Plan
Three Good Things
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